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Laura:Dan starts to grow on me

At the time I was flattered by Dan’s visits to the library, but I was off men and tried to make it as clear as I could. I didn’t want to be rude to him, I quite liked him, but not in ‘that’ way. Eventually he enticed me round to have a cup of coffee or share the occasional meal. I started to ask him to do those jobs I couldn’t manage on my own like cutting down heavy branches in the garden or changing a fuse (I know – I can do that myself, but I was starting to enjoy his company). One evening he even had to break in for me. I’d lost my keys (I’d left them at work, fortunately).  He got into the house to let me in and I ended up ‘trusting’ him with my spare keys in case it happened again.



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Laura:A new neighbor

I was disappointed to see my neighbours leave and hoped that the buyers of the house next door would be as friendly.

After a week or so my new neighbor moved in. I was surprised to see that he was a young man on his own, when I say young, he was in fact around the same age as me. It was a couple of months before we saw each other for more than just to say hello. The winter was pretty bad that year so there was no hanging around talking over the fence.

When the spring came we both spent more time in our gardens and so started to exchange greetings and the odd word. I discovered that his name was Dan and he taught drama. Because of that I wasn’t surprised to see him at the library most days. I really didn’t know how he found the time to read all of the books he borrowed. Later I discovered that he hardly read any of them. He was really coming into the library to see me!


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Laura: Start of a new life

I first came to live here when I left my ex-husband about five years ago. I chose a small town far away from anywhere I knew; I wanted a fresh start. Fortunately for me the small town needed a librarian so I found, as well as a new home, a new job where I could meet like minded people. I live for books and they probably helped me through the worst period of my life.

I’d found the perfect little house for me to rent and make into my own home. I was so happy, books and being able to come and go as I pleased without having to guess what someone else really wanted all of the time – I had a garden too!

I had friendly neighbors who helped me too settle down and didn’t ask too many questions. Then they moved away.


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Laura’s turn

My best friend Angie has allowed me to use her online journal so that I can test ‘blogging’ before I set up my own blog . She’s too busy with rehearsals and preparing her students for their exams to blog right now. So now I’m making sure that the seat is comfortable and getting used to all of the controls. It’s like trying out a new car!

When I asked her what I should write about, she suggested that I tell my story . So here goes…


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