Laura:A new neighbor

I was disappointed to see my neighbours leave and hoped that the buyers of the house next door would be as friendly.

After a week or so my new neighbor moved in. I was surprised to see that he was a young man on his own, when I say young, he was in fact around the same age as me. It was a couple of months before we saw each other for more than just to say hello. The winter was pretty bad that year so there was no hanging around talking over the fence.

When the spring came we both spent more time in our gardens and so started to exchange greetings and the odd word. I discovered that his name was Dan and he taught drama. Because of that I wasn’t surprised to see him at the library most days. I really didn’t know how he found the time to read all of the books he borrowed. Later I discovered that he hardly read any of them. He was really coming into the library to see me!



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5 responses to “Laura:A new neighbor

  1. soulMerlin: I’m learning how to use a USB key – it’s coming soon! I love your name.

  2. I await in coiled anticipation…..thanks for the compliment &the visit)


  3. come on! you can’t take so much time between posts 🙂

  4. Henry & Chandni: I’m doing my best!

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