Laura:Dan starts to grow on me

At the time I was flattered by Dan’s visits to the library, but I was off men and tried to make it as clear as I could. I didn’t want to be rude to him, I quite liked him, but not in ‘that’ way. Eventually he enticed me round to have a cup of coffee or share the occasional meal. I started to ask him to do those jobs I couldn’t manage on my own like cutting down heavy branches in the garden or changing a fuse (I know – I can do that myself, but I was starting to enjoy his company). One evening he even had to break in for me. I’d lost my keys (I’d left them at work, fortunately).  He got into the house to let me in and I ended up ‘trusting’ him with my spare keys in case it happened again.



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7 responses to “Laura:Dan starts to grow on me

  1. the stage is set and the tension begins to grow….

    Scene 2 has “our” new neighbour “enticing” – coffee/occasional meals (unplanned of course)

    Our heroine seems to have become rather “girly” feigning physical weakness and technical inability (a fuse – light the blue touchpaper)

    We are left with Laura Dan and the spare keys….

    I can’t wait to know ~


  2. SoulMerlin: I do appreciate your encouragement.

  3. gets more and more interesting!!!

    Its amazing, we all have such stories to tell!

  4. …at the moment you’re in a 1895 version of Desparate Housewives (and Dan looks like Mellors!)


    (hurry up!!!!)

  5. SoulMerlin: I couldn’t get into Desperate Housewives, should I thank you for the comparison?

  6. oops bad spelling – sorry

  7. SoulMerlin: I hadn’t noticed!

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