Laura: The intruder

One night a few weeks after I’d locked myself out, I woke up with a start and discovered that someone was in my bedroom! Can you imagine what a shock that was? I turned on the lamp and picked it up in order to defend myself. It was Dan. He was so drunk he could hardly stand up – he was trying to say something too me about “how much” but I couldn’t understand a word, his speech was so slurred. Then he collapsed on the bed and started to snore. I left him to it and went off in a huff to sleep in the guest room.



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3 responses to “Laura: The intruder

  1. so…you obviously attract the right sort of guy!!!!

    standing rather like the statue of liberty, with your lit bedside lamp.

    “how much”???????

    the ‘romance’ seems to have started on the wrong foot…..

    i await developments


  2. I am new to your blog…it says “a work of fiction” and I am looking for a good story. Is the best way to get “caught up” to start with once upon a time (your archives from April 2007) and work forward?

  3. SoulMerlin: I wonder if I’m enjoying your comments more than you’re enjoying my story!

    Roxiticusdh: You have two choices. You can read Angie’s story from April 2007 or start with Laura from 14th February

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