Laura: Revenge

The following morning, it must have been a Sunday as I didn’t need to go to work, I got up and carried on as usual and made strong coffee ready for when Dan woke up. I’d decided that he was going to get a piece of my mind!

Eventually he surfaced – he looked dreadful, it served him right. I made him some toast and sat with him and had coffee too. He looked really sheepish and asked me “Did we?” I couldn’t resist teasing him so I looked really hurt and asked ‘Don’t you remember?” he started to look very worried so I layered it on thick , I told him that he’d said to me he felt our souls intertwine when we made love. I had to get up to pass him some butter so when I sat down again I pretended that it hurt. I admit that I was finding it pretty hard to keep from laughing but I was determined to make him feel bad.. He looked really lost, he obviously didn’t want me to think that he couldn’t remember our first time. While he was struggling to speak I started to laugh and he realised that I was joking.  Then he told me he was so relieved, so it was my turn to look really hurt. He tried to back track and say that he didn’t mean it like that. He was so confused and with a hangover too! I went and fetched him something to take for his poor confused head.

When I got back into the kitchen he told me that I was a wicked vixen and that he would have his revenge. He said that he thought that “intertwined souls” was a good line – he’d remember to use it next time. I was surprised that I felt quite hurt when he said that…



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3 responses to “Laura: Revenge

  1. Hmmmm….its amazing how human emotions work, don’t yot think??

    We don’t even understand so many times, why small things hurt us or why sometimes bigger blows are handled well….

  2. oooh … so our heroine has revealed herself and her own burgeoning emotions.

    So Laura was hurt when her unintentional revelation of “Intertwined Souls” was described by the hung-over Dan as a good line…

    Is it sexist?

    Should the male be the one to first reveal amorous intent – and face the risk of rejection?

    Could Laura live in the 1930’s?

    (Could Angie??)


    ps: I’ve put you both on my friends links

  3. Chandni: I think that she was disappointed that he didn’t see her as ‘the only one’.

    SoulMerlin: They are supposed to be today women. Perhaps I’m older than I thought I was.

    Anyway, it’s my story!

    Thank you, now I have to work out how to put an outsider onto a Word press blogroll!! It’s all too technical for me – perhaps I do belong in the 30s.

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