Laura: I start matchmaking

About a year ago, Dan told me that he had a new colleague who had recently arrived from England. He told me that she was pretty and blonde and a little younger than us with a wonderful English accent. I was quite jealous of this incredible creature at first but then I started to wonder if she and Charlie might just get along together. Dan was very insistent that we didn’t start setting them up for a blind date. I love him when he’s assertive – I never take any notice! All I did was forget that we’d invited Charlie on the day I asked Dan to invite Angie. Fortunately for me, Dan had forgotten too! So there was everything nicely set up.



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5 responses to “Laura: I start matchmaking

  1. Matchmaking is a very dangerous occupation….more relationships fail than succeed (then the fault lies with the matchmaker)

    Still….I enjoy desperate housewives

    here’s to the next episode 🙂


  2. how exciting is that!!!!!

    And I am glad we know the end of that matchmaking…so its making me feel all warm inside 😀

  3. Saulmerlin: I have not been able to get into Desperate Housewives. Everything will turn out fine – see Chandni’s comment.

    Chandni: I’ll take that as a compliment!

  4. but i don’t want to know the end
    i like the intrigue and the suspense.
    i shall forget the Chandni key and pretend.


  5. SoulMerlin: oops -sorry!

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