Laura: They beat me to it!

I know now that Angie thought the same as me: We both knew from the start that we would get along with each other fine. She arrived carrying lilac and some home made marmalade which was delicious. The lilac made me smile, both of our gardens are full of it. I had a good feeling about getting her together with Charlie. They had already met, but the best part was that both of them looked pleased to see each other.

I remember how lovely the spring evenings were last year, we had a barbeque that evening. Everything was perfect until Angie was stung by a wasp. I ought to know whether to use acid or alkaline on a wasp sting, but I can never remember. Angie said that ice would be fine – sensible girl! I told Dan to fetch ice and I went off to find something to get the sting out (it was a wasp sting I know, but I had my reasons) When we were out of earshot of the garden I told Dan not to hurry too much with the ice, he went into the kitchen muttering about the ways of scheming women.

When Dan and I finally went back out into the garden Charlie had his arm around Angie’s shoulder as she was feeling a little faint what with the wine and everything… He moved away when he saw us coming. Poor Angie had a very sore looking finger for the rest of the evening.

Charlie walked her home in the moonlight!

After they’d gone Dan teased me about matchmaking. I think that he was pretty pleased with the evening too, but he wouldn’t admit it.



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5 responses to “Laura: They beat me to it!

  1. When I first started reading your blog, I had no idea how you torture your readers by revealing so little each week!

    Roxiticus Desperate Housewives

  2. aha!

    so Desperate Housewives again!!!!

    now you’ve just got to watch a couple of episodes…

    Angie and Laura would fit in well in that surburban pressure cooker of potent emotions.


    ps is Roxiticus a Latin term for a wasp sting?

  3. Roxiticus: I’m sorry, but it keeps them coming back!

    SoulMerlin: All roads lead to Desperate Housewives. Roxiticus seems to be either ‘Roxiticus Desperate Housewives’ or a golf club.

  4. Sorry to barge in on your blog, but I’ll give a quick answer…according to local stories, Roxiticus is a Native American term for “meetingplace.”

    How ’bout an early episode today?

    P.S. — Could you please delete my earlier (identical) comment? Made a mistake with name and e-mail address. Thanks!

  5. Roxiticus: Glad to oblige; I try to post an episide today, Friday, but I can’t promise; I’m up to my ears in work at the moment.

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