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Laura: Problems with my spell-ing!

Charlie and Angie were thrown together again when she was chased and bitten by a dog while out jogging. It happened near to Charlie’s house where he lived with his dad. Dan started giving me strange looks around this time; I think he suspected witchcraft on my part. I will call it fate.  Things started hotting up for them at this point. I couldn’t help giving the extra shove and invited them out with us at a special place where we knew a little walk by the river, romantic in the moonlight – yes I did check there would be a nice full moon! Dan started to joke about keeping garlic in the house; I think he mixed up vampire’s and witches. If you read what Angie wrote about that evening you’ll know I didn’t quite get the spell right!


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Laura: Still not there!

I was a pleased that Angie’s ‘date’ went wrong and she ended up walking home in the pouring rain (though I wasn’t pleased about the pouring rain). Guess who rescued her?

If I’d have had a little sister she would have been like Angie. We had a great girly evening in; You can read Angie’s version here. Dan and Charlie got back sooner than we thought they would and as Charlie was so drunk he slept on the sofa.

I confess; I did lie awake listening out so see if he crept up the stairs to the guest room. He didn’t.


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Laura: Not quite as I planned

Angie has the right name, Angela – angel. She came to my rescue the following week when she called in at the library. I was supposed to have organised story time for the pre schoolers. I really wanted to do it well, but I seemed to have run out of time and staff as usual. Angie offered to help and was perfect, the children and their moms loved her from the word go. She’s still finding time even now to come in and read.

I was annoyed when she was all excited because she’d been asked out by some hunk or other, I don’t know what his name was – it wasn’t Charlie. When I told Dan about it he annoyed me by telling me to mind my own business. The he made matters worse by announcing that he and Charlie would be going out on a boys night out. Dan sarcastically suggested I invite Angie to sleep over so I could keep an eye on her. So I did.


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