Laura: Still not there!

I was a pleased that Angie’s ‘date’ went wrong and she ended up walking home in the pouring rain (though I wasn’t pleased about the pouring rain). Guess who rescued her?

If I’d have had a little sister she would have been like Angie. We had a great girly evening in; You can read Angie’s version here. Dan and Charlie got back sooner than we thought they would and as Charlie was so drunk he slept on the sofa.

I confess; I did lie awake listening out so see if he crept up the stairs to the guest room. He didn’t.



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6 responses to “Laura: Still not there!

  1. but getting there 🙂

    I wish u’d write longer posts 😀

  2. Chandni: I’ll try harder next time!

  3. this story is becoming full of alcohol and dubious moral behavior (wow!:)

  4. SoulMerlin: More fun that way!

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