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Laura: They settle down

Charlie moved in with Angie over the weeks that followed. She really needed looking after by the three of us. After her success at the hotel she decided to fill in another of her evenings by playing at a local bar. We did warn her, she thought Charlie was being possessive and I was a prude. To cut a long story short she couldn’t sing because of the cigarette smoke, someone peed up the side of her car and the place was full of men being – well – men!



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Laura: At last!

Then the bad penny turned up again; Angie got her self a job on Monday evenings playing the piano at a smart hotel in town. She wasn’t going to sing at first but her talent shone through. Busy body that I am I dragged Dan and Charlie along to listen too her on her second week and we all agreed that she had settled in really well.

The third week she was there she really needed help from Charlie. That obnoxious date she had a few weeks before, turned up outside the hotel and followed her home. Fortunately she locked herself in the garage but the door through to the house was bolted from the other side. As it happened she’d given her spare keys to Bill, Charlie’s dad, to look after in case of emergency. I swear this was not one of my spells, though it would have been a good one.

Sir Charlie came to the rescue, in his battered old car but never mind. He chased off the baddie – who was bigger than him – and rescued the Lady Angela with a golden key. No prizes for guessing what happened next. At last!

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