Laura: They settle down

Charlie moved in with Angie over the weeks that followed. She really needed looking after by the three of us. After her success at the hotel she decided to fill in another of her evenings by playing at a local bar. We did warn her, she thought Charlie was being possessive and I was a prude. To cut a long story short she couldn’t sing because of the cigarette smoke, someone peed up the side of her car and the place was full of men being – well – men!



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4 responses to “Laura: They settle down

  1. Well Darling……(said the old Druid, flicking the ash off his cigarette) cars need washing somehow.

    Which would you prefer….men being men or men being women?


    h 🙂

  2. I should have linked to another post there…

  3. Just surfed in via BlogExplosion on Monday morning after about a month of forgetfulness. It worked out well, since you tease us with so few (and short) posts. So I’m here to catch up on the story…

    Have a terrific week!


  4. Roxiticus: Sorry about that, I’ve been busy, busy, busy in real life!

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