Laura: Careful what you write

Those notes that Angie made were to be the beginning of the end of Carolynne – thank goodness, but it was a stony ride for Charlie and Angie. Angie wrote everything down she thought would be useful to help her understand the situation better. Charlie never ever asked her for notepaper when he was on the phone. Except for the day when she’d written something she didn’t want him to see. She just said ‘it’s in the drawer – help yourself’ before she realised what she was doing; the result was a huge row and Charlie slammed his way out of the house.



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3 responses to “Laura: Careful what you write

  1. oh ho!

    I can’t wait to see how this gets sorted out…

  2. Wot Notes!!!

    (did I miss something…..)


  3. Chandni: sorry to keep you in suspense for such a long time….

    Henry: “When Angie had calmed down we put our heads together and decided that she should write down what she had heard which was later to prove a big mistake.”

    see previous post!

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