Laura: Long Night

His first stop was to see me and Dan. I’d kept my promise to Angie so Dan hadn’t got a clue what Charlie was so upset about. Angie didn’t know (she will when she reads this) how rude Charlie was to me – he called me a scheming witch (me – the witch?) amongst other things. I told him in no uncertain terms to wake up if he didn’t want to lose Angie. I made certain that he listened to my version of the story. I could see that Dan was trying to control his temper while Charlie and I were shouting at each other. Dan added his thoughts on Carolynne just so Charlie knew which camp we were both in. Charlie went off in a huff, driving much to fast.

I managed to put Dan off while I phoned Angie to make sure she was okay. She told me she’d be alright. Then it was our turn to have a few cross words but it didn’t last for long. Dan does appreciate my loyalty to my friends. We didn’t sleep too well that night wondering what was going on. We had to wait 24 hours before the love birds had time to let us know what happened next.



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5 responses to “Laura: Long Night

  1. oh god!!! This story has all the drama of a movie!!!

    update already 😀

  2. Chandni: Wouldn’t it make a good movie? !

  3. soulmerlin

    Now….am I dim? I want to know what was in the letter.

    I did go back and read from Difficult lunch to here, but I’m still inquisitive.


    ps ~ just how autobiographical is this? 🙂

    pps ~ Or am I not supposed to ask.

    as Schwartzenegger says: “I’ll be back.”


  4. Henry: No you aren’t dim, the notes were a record of all the nasty things that Carolyyne had said and done – especially the overheard conversation.

    This is not at all autobiographical – completely made up. I’m rather pleased that it is as ‘convincing’ as that.

    You are allowed to ask

    Look forward to seeing you soon

  5. Chandni: I replied to you as my other self, sorry. Wouldn’t it make a good movie! Now if a certain Mr Spielberg just happends to be surfing blogs one day….

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