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For those not involved with BlogExplosion sorry but this isn’t an interesting post.

A lot of us have been trying to get in touch with Live Universe who are the owners of blogexplosion. We’ve tried telephoning (not ringing), contact forms (no replies so far) and emails (no replies so far). We know from different sources that Live Universe haven’t been paying their employees either. If anyone still has the list of contacts we used last year to pester them please could you post them on the forums.

There is no one in charge of administration at the moment. The last administrator disappeared, possibly because he couldn’t get back into the system. There are still a few of us approving blogs. Unfortunately as I write we’re back to 6 weeks wait. 90% of the blogs in the queue shouldn’t be there anyway.

On behalf of those of us left approving please could anyone else who has access find a few minutes to approve 10 or so blogs from time to time. The more of us there are the easier it is all around. I know that a lot of you would like to help too, but we don’t have a way to let you in to the system.

If you have time a word of support on the forums would be lovely. If anyone can think of how we can contact Live Universe we’d be grateful

To finish on a positive note, there are several members who have made it known that they’d like to buy BlogExplosion. Hopefully soon something will start to move again and the mess can be sorted out.



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18 responses to “BlogExplosion update

  1. More power to your group. I wish that I could help. I really enjoy blogexplosion because I get to view fellow bloggers work as well as get my blog exposed to others. Keep us posted. ;o)

  2. Thanks so much for this update. I had been trying to contact them letting them know that there are quite a few blogs in the rotation that appear to be abandoned and should be removed. It’s great to connect with other bloggers, but pointless to visit a blog that hasn’t been updated in 3 months. Now I see that it is not just me who has not been able to reach them. I hope that they get purchased by a company that is serious about helping bloggers connect.

  3. David: As soon as we have any news about helping, we’ll put out an announcement. Thank you for your words on encouragement.

    Tina: As far as we know at the moment there is no one to deal with problems. Hopefully soon…

  4. Some of the members in a blog network I own ( suggested I look into buying blog explosion as well. It certainly has potential because of the many features it offers. However, going through 100k blogs and weeding out the trash is very difficult. Doing only 100 a day would take you 3 years! I personally approve all blogs on my network and know what a chore checking just a few blogs can be in your spare time. Popups, spam, malware, redirects, stolen content, porn, warez. It never ends. Anyway, you have my sympathy for your cause. Should any of you loyal members want to check out the competition, you are welcome to apply CMF Ads.

  5. I signed up for BE in 2008, but didn’t really start to use their services until late last year. I have inquired to them on a few occasions about this, but didn’t find out until checking the forum what exactly was going on.

    Personally, it does need new ownership and direction because it’s pathetic that the volunteers are slaving their time doing a thankless job only to be subject to harsh criticism from those waiting for approvals or answers in general. My hat is off to the volunteers for that.

    The members and volunteers at BE deserve much better than this.

    Thanks for posting this.

  6. Turnip: It’s good to find someone who appreciates the problem. Unfortunately there are so many people who think they can fill a blog with ads, copy and paste a few articles and they will make a lot of money. If only it was so easy. Blogging is like gardening and cooking, you have to take your time to get the best results. I’ll be checking out CMF ads..

    David: Thank you, I saw that I was getting visitors from your link. Problem is that no one really knows that much about what is going on. I hope that something moves soon. Since all of the problems I’ve seen that there is a good community of bloggers on BlogExplosion, it would be very sad to lose it all

  7. It is unfortunate that the site (B.E.) has been so neglected. I think that about the time the change of ownership occurred, the lack of P.R. to the Members was alienating for a lot of us. I would go as far as to say, that the detachment from BE caused my posting to deteriorate to almost nothing due to lack of audience. I wonder if those days of blogsharing are a dying habit. After trying to get new blogs into the directory to replace the old ones and never getting approved, I have to say that a couple of my blogs are like you spoke of; not really even worthy of being listed anymore, their relevance has been long extinct. I feel compelled to hang on to them and not remove them yet though, I fear that I wont have any blogs to surf on here with if I do, HAHA!

  8. I just got my blog approved today and I had applied about five weeks ago.

  9. Patcam: I think that the problem is definately to do with the present owners. I don’t think that blogsharing is a dying habit, but I’m sure that a lot of people vote with their feet when they don’t get answers to their problems. The long wait for approval is off putting too.

    Mark: Thanks for letting me know. I’ve had the impression that we are(very) slowly getting closer to the three days mantioned on BlogExplosion. When we get a new admin I’m going to ask them to change the wording!

  10. Oh no. It’s happening again. Remember what happened last time? When the chatrooms disappeared? And remember BLOGMAD (RIP)?

  11. thevictorchen

    Good luck guys! I love this service! I hope service gets restored to normal soon!

  12. jay

    I’ve been with BE for six years. Lots of ups and downs. Now…it seems that not only is the ability to surf other blogs gone, but my entire membership has been wiped.

    I-have-had-it with Blog Explosion!

  13. New Illuminati: I miss BlogMad too!

    thevictorchen: Thank you for your support, it really makes a difference.

    jay: There seems to be someone working on the problems; My credits disappeared earlier and are back now, so please check, you might be back in action!

  14. jay

    It looks like they restored my membership but still unable to surf others. I’m a bit mollified as it seems there is an administrator back in the game and hoping everything gets straightened out some day.

  15. Jay: there still seem to be some problems, hope it’s running more smoothly for you now.

  16. I was looking for something about BlogExplosion online and ended up here. I joined BE several years ago when it was fairly new. It just seemed to die quietly at some point. I had an email about it coming back but it looks and feels really abandoned still. A shame but not the first network/ site I have seen disappear. the one I miss most is still HerPlanet, but that is a really long time ago now.

    Why are so many people giving BE so much time and loyalty still? There are other blog networks. I joined CMF Ads about a year and a half ago. It could use more life in the forums at times but the network is steady and not lacking in input from the owners. I’m not staff or an owner there but puttting the site out there for everyone here. I’d be happy to see people with this much devotion and concern be part of the network at CMF.

  17. Laura: CMF ads isn’t the same thing at all. BlogExplosion is about meeting bloggers and seeing fresh blogs. Yes there are some on BlogExplosion who are out to make some money, but that wasn’t the idea.

    I suppose we are nuts to keep going like this. BlogExplosion is the last blog traffic exchange left, hopefully it will continue.

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