Where is BlogExplosion going now?

The main problem at the moment is the loss of the numbers to click on while surfing. They do seem to come and go, so please keep trying. Refreshing the page will give you a new blog to read, but you won’t add credits. If you look in the forums you will find a thread under general announcements called ‘A letter sent to Live Universe’. This is an old thread, but recently members have been toying with the idea of writing to Google to see if they are interested in taking over BlogExplosion. Okay, this might not appeal to some, but could it get any worse than it is at the moment?

The waiting time to get your blog approved is still around 6 weeks. As I’ve said several times; 90% of what is in the queue shouldn’t be there. As one approver wrote recently, she almost holds a party when she comes across a genuine blog.

Again we seem to be waiting for something to happen….



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6 responses to “Where is BlogExplosion going now?

  1. 6 weeks?!? GOOD GRIEF!!! I submitted my blog about 7-8 days ago and have been anxiously awaiting approval; I had no idea it was that slow of a process!

    You’ve got a nice blog here, I will definitely be back to visit. 🙂

  2. I’m glad you’re keeping everyone up to date on the latest at BE. I have the same problem with BE and the numbers not showing. The 6 weeks is very long, and I guess there is no monitoring of blogs already in the system. I just added a few to my “do not view again list” that had not been updated in ages (one had the last post in November.)

    If they have to choose between taking 6 weeks and approving spam blogs, than I am glad that they are taking their time. I left EntreCard because there was such a massive addition of ad only blogs which ruins the network for anyone trying to run a real blog.

    Thanks for keeping me in the know.

  3. Rae; we should reach you very soon

    Tina: Unfortunately there is no one to pull unsuitable blogs out of the system at the moment. I think that members would be horrified if BlogExplosion was suddenly flooded with advertisments, out of date blogs and even blogs which have been closed. Approving is very time consuming especially as only one blog in 10 is approved!

  4. I love it, thank you SO MUCH! I just got the notification and your comment, it is most appreciated. 🙂

  5. Maybe they should consider approaching Yahoo instead of Google. I think Yahoo is trying to revamp themselves to compete with Google. Maybe an idea like BlogExplosion would be far more appealing to Yahoo than Google.

  6. Rae: You’re welcome

    Laura: I wonder if Yahoo would be interested….

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