BlogExplosion: Approval waiting time down

As I’m writing this, this evening, the waiting time for approving blogs is down to 24 days ! We’ve made an extra large effort over the past week to get through the approvals. If your blog seems to have taken longer it could be because it has been put back into the queue. Sometimes there is doubt, sometimes in my case, I’m not sure about some of the technical blogs, so I put them back into the queue for the other approvers to see.

As I’ve been busy approving this week I haven’t had much time to see for my self about the lack of surfing numbers. I’ve tried surfing just now and the numbers are there. There haven’t been any complaints about this in recent days, but I don’t know if this means things are better or not. One thing is for sure that the stats for my blogs are well down at the moment. I just hope that we haven’t lost too many members because of this.

Visitors to the forums might have noticed that a member wasn’t too happy about remarks made about her blog. Please remember that BlogExplosion was designed with bloggers in mind; it is not for advertisers. At the end of the day after wading through blogs which shouldn’t be there and sometimes blogs that don’t exist anymore, my tolerance levels are pretty low. Having said that everyone is entitled to resubmit their blog, but please read the reason why. Sometimes it’s because the blogger hasn’t posted for a couple of months, not difficult to rectify at all!

Whatever the problems you come across I don’t think that there is any one to deal with tickets. Better to post something in the forums and get help and advice that way. It’s nice when people pop by to say hello anyway, the forums are pretty quiet at the moment.



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10 responses to “BlogExplosion: Approval waiting time down

  1. The surfing numbers are there now, but when I tried yesterday they weren’t there.

  2. Steve: It seems to change everytime I get the chance to look. If the numbers are there I try to have a quick surfing session.

    I love the beard!

  3. Roy

    Hi my blog is taking more than 2 months to get approved pls help me..


  4. Roy: I wonder if your blog was put back into the queue. Your recent posts are fine, but scrolling down there are some posts that could be taken as advertisments. If you haven’t heard anything at all I’d say that is what has happened. We’ll get to you soon!

    I’m very impressed with your knowledge of Chaucer.

    If your blog is refused, you can always resubmit. Sometimes only small adjustments are needed.

  5. I just wanted to let you know that when I tried surfing there wasn’t any numbers. Thanks!

  6. Roy

    how to know whether my blog is put back in the queue?

  7. Rosie: Thanks for letting me know. The numbers seem to come and go. I can only suggest that you keep trying from time to time.

    Roy: As you’ve been waiting for so long I’d say that is what has happened. If your blog was refused you would have had an email telling you why.

  8. thanks for this beautifun article.

  9. Patrick: thanks for your visit.

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