BlogExplosion: I hate to say this…

I’ve sent the letter below to the ‘administrator’. I was going to send it to liveUniverse via the contact form, but the webside does not appear to be working at the moment. I’m going to keep an eye on the forums for a while but I don’t see much point in approving blogs for nothing.  Has anyone got any ideas?

My letter:

“As you might be aware since there was a server change over for BlogExplosion the numbers to click on while members are surfing are more often than not, not there. This has caused problems for members who don’t have a stock of credits. They can’t surf to earn credits which means that their blogs are not seen by other members. Many members have given up trying. Anyone who keeps an eye on their statistics can see that the number of visitors from Blogexplosion are right down. I’m sure that advertisers who are paying for exposure on BlogExplosion will have noticed the difference too. Would it be possible to look into this problem?

We’ve also had a problem with a spammer on the forum. A few members have tried to rectify this. Many members just avoid the forum and the rest that visit aren’t contributing at all.

I don’t think that it would take much effort to rectify these problems for those that know how to do this. Word would soon get round and members would start coming back again.”

I really hope that I’m wrong



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6 responses to “BlogExplosion: I hate to say this…

  1. May 08, 2010. The number to click is still blank/white. I’m giving up on BlogExplosion.

  2. Click numbers are back there today. Of course I just found your blog by surfing through…..

  3. what do you use to track your stats i could use better information on my readers. Hit me back with a reply on my blog when you get a chance thanks

  4. Blog Tactic: I’m sorry to hear that. I might have some news for you in a few days…

    JoeTaxpayer: Welcome; thanks for letting me know that the numbers are still there … sometimes!

    Dann: Sorry I’ve taken so long to reply – I was looking in the forums as I knew that someone somewhere had asked. I use you can get lots of info on your visitors and there is lots there which is for free. If you have a wordpress site you won’t be able to see referrals, but you can see other things like location, operating system, browser, time spent…..

  5. Thank you for the information. I will have to look into it because the feedjit or whatever that addon is called doesn’t help much when it comes to actual number of hits.

  6. Dann: I hope you find something that suits your needs.

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