ExposeYourBlog!: One week old

1 week in at ExposeYourBlog! and slowly but surely the little problems are being ironed out. There are now coloured boxes to click on when surfing which I’m sure most will agree is much better than typing in a string of hard to read letters.

As far as I’m concerned the forums are well behaved and running smoothly. I haven’t had to do anything yet in my role of Chief Forum Administrator, although I did manage to accidentally delete a post. The forums are well worth a look at, if you have a problem, chances are that someone else has posted about it.

Next time I post here it will probably be the continuation of Charlotte’s story…



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5 responses to “ExposeYourBlog!: One week old

  1. LOL I don’t think anyone would hold that against you. We are all learning how the boards work. I’m lovin Expose Your Blog.

  2. Brylee: Thanks. I’m enjoying myself too. It’s good to know that there is someone real there to help out!

  3. I signed up, but haven’t had time since to go back in and work with it. Looking forward to doing so this weekend. Appreciate the effort you all are putting in. Thanks! Hope it works well for you too.


  4. I joined up today. I was always a Blog Explosion person but, it seems BE is on it’s way out. Nothing seems to be working and nothing seems to be fixed. Haven’t been able to surf more than 1 to 3 sites per day. Can’t get credits that way. Someone there, in the forum told me about this place, and I joined today and have been surfing. Glad to see there is a new BE replacement.

  5. Jamie: Thanks – and thank you for joining

    Elwoodin: I wonder who could have been the one who posted in the forum at BE? 😉 Thank you for joining EYB

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