Exposeyourblog!: Three weeks already

We now have our own radio station, RadioEYB, so far I’ve heard a pretty good variety of music. There is a place on the forum for requests or you can use the chat box to ask our very own DJ Devin for information. Perhaps you have ideas or suggestions about how it should be run.   Let us know.

Membership is growing steadily. What we really need is for everyone to spread the information to their friends, who spread it to their friends and so on; It’s what’s known as viral – in the positive sense of the word (I don’t want to cause a panic).

There have been one or two small hiccups but I think that EYB is improving everyday. Thank you to all members of EYB for their patience and helpful input.




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8 responses to “Exposeyourblog!: Three weeks already

  1. I have been tweeting every so often. I hope it helps.

  2. I joined I think in the first week. Haven’t been to Exposeyourblog much, as I keep going to blogexplosion out of habit. My blog there has over 29k views. So it is a hard thing to stop. But I am coming here more often, and I am glad there is now a viable alternative, and possible replacement for the once great BE. Good luck in this.

  3. Joanna: I’m sure it does. The more members we have the more it will spread the word.

    Elwoodin: it’s good to see you again. It’s true BE is a hard habit to break. I still go over to the forums to annoy the spammers!

  4. susanwellingtonart

    Hi Angie thanks for commenting on my blog. I appreciate it. I’ve really enjoyed being on expose your blog so far. I think it’s good fun. It works unlike blog explosion which wouldn’t for me no matter what I did and there was no one who could answer any queries I had. I gave up. The radio on expose your blog is really enjoyable too. I listen to it whenever I surf. I hope it becomes huge.

  5. Don

    How is ExposeYourBlog! doing now? 😉

  6. Susan: I’m pleased to hear that you are enjoying EYB!

    Don: New report coming up!

  7. I just want to say how much I have enjoyed ExposeYourBlog! I keep it open in a separate window while working, and read a post or two (or three, or…) when I need a break. I also love the sense of community the site creates.

  8. TaylorAndrews: Thanks for the feedback; it’s good to know that people are enjoying themselves. There certainly is a good sense of community, I feel that I know a lot of the members personally .

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