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ExposeYourBlog: What do you really think?

Here at EYB! the team is working very hard to try to give excellent service. We’d like to know how you feel about us so far. You can do this by posting a message on the forums, or there is also the review site, Start Sampling, where you can either comment on reviews already posted or post one yourself. The EYB! Reviews are in the Community Website Section, scroll down to 17th 18th September. We are always on the lookout for ways to raise our profile so that our membership base increases, which is good for members because it brings in new blogs to see while surfing and new readership for the blogs already circulating on EYB! If you don’t live in the US and don’t have a zip code, go here and find the zip code of the city of your choice. We’d like to know what you think; good or bad – we can take it.

The music on Radio ExposeYourBlog! Has just been updated. Why not pop by and have a listen while you’re surfing?

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P.S. The forum contest is still on so don’t forget to visit in order to give yourself the chance to win.  If I’m hiding as a guest and I see you, you could win a prize of 25 credits each in Blogs Views, Banner Views, and Text Views. You need to be logged in. Prizes will be announced and awarded at the end of the month.



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ExposeYourBlog !: Forum Contest

In order to stimulate more interest in the forums I’ve set up a contest. For the rest of September I’ll be logging out of the forum and posing as a guest. If I spot you online you could win 25 credits each in Blogs Views, Banner Views, and Text Views. You have to be logged in. Winners will be announced and prizes awarded at the end of September. There are also referral and surfing contests running. Click on the contest icon on your tools page.


Radio ExposeYourBlog!

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ExposeYourBlog!: Tribal Blogs

ExposeYourBlog! has teamed up with Tribal Blogs, which is another way to find and meet new bloggers and blogs. Tribal Blogs members receive a free month as a standard account member when they sign up and Standard Pro and Enterprise pro members at EYB! are entitled to a free month’s membership at Tribal blogs.

Radio EYB now has two DJs, Devin and Dr Don. Remember they are waiting to play your requests. All you need to do is visit the Radio ExposeYourBlog! section in the forums and let them know what you’d like to hear. Would you like to be interviewed or would you like to try to find an old blogging friend you’ve lost site of? Radio ExposeYourBlog! might be able to help.

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