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ExposeYourBlog ! : How to get extra credits

Every Saturday for the time being, Don, I and other members of the EYB team will be checking every single blog and if we find a link to EYB! on your blog we’ll be awarding you with 25 credits. Links and banners can be found on the tools page, click on ‘My Downline’. These links contain a reference number so that we know where referrals come from. If someone joins up because they clicked on your link or banner you earn a percentage of the credits that they earn.

We all have days when we can’t think of anything to write about. With Halloween coming up I thought that it would be a great idea to post about how you celebrate Halloween where you come from. It’s always interesting to know how things are done in other countries and cultures. I’ve posted about this in the forums. Look for the Halloween thread in the ‘It’s a Small World’ Forum. Leave the link to your post – another way to get more visitors to your blog.

Do you read your emails? Don sends out newsletters from time to time with an update on progress and details of what’s happening at EYB! . Make sure that you have EYB! on your whitelist;  you don’t want to miss out on any surprises that might be to your advantage.


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Hey Blog Rocket Users!!

You’re obviously determined to get your blog seen. Why not come over and take a look at ExposeYourBlog!


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ExposeYourBlog!: Forum contest results

There were 5 winners of the September forum contest :
Dirty Butter, nonamedufus, slimma, susyranner and T T Douglas

They all received a PM telling them that they have won a prize of 25 credits to blog views, banner views and text views and thanking them for their participation in the forum. T T Douglas; could you contact me (or leave a comment here) telling me what to do with your prize please.

Radio ExposeYourBlog! has been closed down for the time being. It really takes a lot of organisation and time. Perhaps in the future, when a larger team can be organised to run it, it will come back.

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but the average surfs per day number is steadily growing. There are also more and more people online at the same time. That reminds me, I must ask Don about surf and chat…


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