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ExposeYourBlog!: Surf and Chat is up

I’m pleased to be able to write that surf and chat is back. It’s already been tried out by several members with success. If you want your pic and flag to show up you need to join and fill in your details. You can still chat without them by just filling in your ‘nick’, but it’s nice to see who you are. There are also some great smiles to add to the fun.

Every Saturday we pass through the list of members checking out your sites to see if you’ve got a banner on display. If you do have one you’re awarded 25 credits. It’s important to get the word out to as many bloggers as possible; the more members we have with active blogs the better the surfing experience.

Don’t forget that between us the team offer almost 24 hour support, though Don has to deal with technical problems, the rest of us are always happy to help if we possibly can.


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Why blog traffic exchanges have been important to me

I started blogging nearly 8 years ago. There weren’t comments on my blog and if anything needed changing I had to mess around with the HTML until I got what I wanted. It took me ages to work out how to get archives as they weren’t included. In the end I started up a new blog (where they were included) whipped out the code and put it into my template. If you got back to the beginning of my blog you’ll see what a mess I made trying to ‘do’ comments.

Nothing happened for quite a while – so how to get visitors, and stats so that I could see they’d been were the next jobs. I joined BlogExplosion first, then came across BlogMad and later found BlogSoldiers when I started trying to be an affiliate and was looking for traffic exchanges. These were all a help and they were an excellent way to find new blogs and bloggers. Gradually my readership grew, like the number of blog friends I followed. I shared their lives, their writing, their pictures, their tears and their joys. I learnt about life in other countries, other religions, traditions, points of view.

I don’t know how I became so involved with BlogExplosion. I think it was around the time that BlogCharm closed. I went to the forums to see what was going on. I applied for the money I was owed by them and was paid. I went back to the forums and reassured others that it was possible to get your money. I was surprised to see that people were looking at what I’d written and were interested. Then I looked around to see how else I could help and began approving blogs. I became involved in attempt to get a new admin and started to realise how rotten the owners were. Couldn’t they see how important BlogExplosion had become to people like me? We organised the writing of (snail mail) letters to the owners. We got our new admin. He worked every spare moment of his time, trying to sort out the back log of problems and get everything back on course. Then he disappeared, I’m sure it was because his access had been blocked.

In the mean time BlogMad and BlogSoldiers closed down. Not long after that things began to slide again at BlogExplosion. This is when the idea for starting up a new blog exchange was plotted in the forums.

The rest is history: ExposeYourBlog! was born.

We’re now on our 6th month of existence and growing slowly but surely. I feel that I know most members personally. We’ve drawn a crowd of excellent bloggers of all types. If there is a problem it is fixed, if it can’t be fixed straight away members kept informed. Blogs are approved, or not, within hours. Spammers are swiftly dealt with. Suggestions for improvements are taken seriously. I hope that everyone who is a member feels that they are valued and that it is easy to contact the EYB! team.

For someone starting out with a new blog the blogging world must appear to be a very strange place. Hopefully we can help them to find their way


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