ExposeYourBlog!: Surf and Chat is up

I’m pleased to be able to write that surf and chat is back. It’s already been tried out by several members with success. If you want your pic and flag to show up you need to join my-chat-box.com and fill in your details. You can still chat without them by just filling in your ‘nick’, but it’s nice to see who you are. There are also some great smiles to add to the fun.

Every Saturday we pass through the list of members checking out your sites to see if you’ve got a banner on display. If you do have one you’re awarded 25 credits. It’s important to get the word out to as many bloggers as possible; the more members we have with active blogs the better the surfing experience.

Don’t forget that between us the team offer almost 24 hour support, though Don has to deal with technical problems, the rest of us are always happy to help if we possibly can.


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