ExposeYourBlog!: Something I didn’t realise…

This is going to be a ‘mea maxima culpa’ post . I can be very slow sometimes. I’m really embarrassed to admit that having been given the role of Forum Administrator when EYB! started up I didn’t realize what the job involved. I thought I just had to keep an eye out for spammers and check that everyone is being nice to each other (not that we need worry about that with our members). I am greeting new members to the forums and wishing everyone Happy Birthday, of course.

I’ve just read an entry on the forum provider’s blog about being an administrator. I fall short of what makes a good administrator. I need to work a lot harder stimulating activity on the forum. I really need to get my thinking cap on. Please bear with me while I sort this out…



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6 responses to “ExposeYourBlog!: Something I didn’t realise…

  1. Don’t beat yourself up. That’s all I thought Forum admins did.

  2. I think you do a fine job.

  3. Don

    I think you do a great job!

    What forum admin blog?


  4. iggy

    You are doing great! No complaints here 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for doing a great job. I’d forgotten to switch over my blog to my new address…your thoughtfulness was greatly appreciated.

  6. DB & TT Douglas: Thank you

    Don: Thanks. Forum admin blog? It could be an idea….

    Iggy: Glad you are a satisfied customer

    Susanne: We try to offer a good service

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