ExposeYourBlog!: EYB! needs you and a contest

Some of you may remember that back in September we held a Forum Contest. Like I did last September, for the rest of January, I’ll be logging out of the forum and posing as a guest. If I spot you online you could win 25 credits each in Blogs Views, Banner Views, and Text Views. If you’re spotted and I see that you’ve posted in one of the threads or created a new thread, you’ll get an extra 25 credits. You have to be logged in so that I can see who you are.

Winners will be announced and prizes awarded at the beginning of February. Remember that you can always find out about any current contests in the forum under … ‘Contests’.

While you’re looking at the forum, remember that there is a post in the Administration Notes section “Two New Administrator Positions!”. Yes, we’re looking for volunteers to help with the day to day running of ExposeYourBlog!. Details are here.



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2 responses to “ExposeYourBlog!: EYB! needs you and a contest

  1. You’re touting ExposeYourBlog on BlogExplosion? That’s bold. BOLD.

  2. Cube: I spent 2 years approving blogs for them, so I think that I deserve some sort of reward…

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