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ExposeYourBlog !: How to put an EYB! link into your comments

If you read your regular emails from Don you know that we’re always looking for new members to make everyone’s surfing with EYB! as advantageous as possible.  One way of spreading the word is by putting a link into the comments you make in other people’s blogs. This serves in two ways as the blog owner sees the link and so do other commenters. I expect you’ve noticed some of us doing this.

How to do it (I didn’t have a clue until I was shown)?

To get the result:

I visit your blog when I’m on ExposeYourBlog!
You need to use a little HTML, I’m leaving gaps so that you can see the code, to get the required result add your ID number where you seeNNNNN and close up the gaps:
I visit your blog when I’m on < a href=>ExposeYourBlog! < /a>
You can change the first sentence to fit your mood. Of course you can use this to get people to visit your own blog too, by changing the URL.



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ExposeYourBlog !: Happy Birthday !

I’m a couple of days late, I know. This time last year we were waiting with bated breath to see if anyone would join us. Everything was new, but on the whole it worked. The owner of ExposeYourBlog!, Don, put in a lot of hours to get everything running smoothly.
To all of our members; wish yourself a Happy First Birthday too. One day you’ll be able to say “yes, EYB!, I was in there at the start”. Thank you for being there.
Hopefully this week I’ll be getting a new laptop – all for me! I’ll be able to put all of the internet connection problems, the slowness of a clockwork computer and Rob’s laptop with missing letters behind me. I’ll be able to update my other blogs and be more present on EYB! too.


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