ExposeYourBlog !: What’s in the forums?

I thought I’d use this post to give new members and those that haven’t visited there yet, an idea of what they can find in the Forums.Firstly you will find information and announcements from the administration: How to, rules, contact information and so on.
In the main member’s area there are places where you can introduce yourself to other members and throw your blog to the lions (not really – we’re very kind here at EYB!). If you have ideas that would improve the running of ExposeYourBlog! or blogging tips to share with other members, the forum is the place to go. We also have threads on WordPress, Blogger, Surf and Chat, and even Selling Online. Not only can you find information there, you can ask questions or offer your own ideas and tips.
Perhaps your blog has been denied or banned. We can help you sort out the problem through the forum.
“It’s a Small World” is a thread where you can post up and coming events in your area – other bloggers could be interested too. You might even meet up with them! Why not post about traditions in your country?
You’ll need to join the forum separately from the main site. It’s very easy to do, click on registration (top right hand corner) and the questions will guide you through…
I almost forgot to mention that once you have joined the forums, it’s possible to sent PMs (Private Messages) to other forum members as long as you know their user name. You can also contact me; Anji or Don; Admin via a PM.


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