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ExposeYourBlog !: The nights are drawing in.

It’s nice to be snug and warm during the long dark winter evenings. Occasionally I work through the evening (one of the joys of self employment – I don’t mind). I enjoy watching TV, when there is something worth watching. Sometimes Rob and I choose a film to watch together, unfortunately we often fall asleep and wake up just as the credits are rolling.
You know what I’m leading up to? What could be better than an evening surfing and checking out your blogging friends? I’m sure that, like myself, members of ExposeYourBlog! look out for their favourite blogs while surfing. With your help I’d like to make EYB! even bigger and better. I worked out that if every member introduced at least one friend to EYB! We’d double the pleasure (I was good at maths at school, can’t you tell?). What’s more, the more your friend surfs the more credits you earn. Just pass them the link you’ll find under Downline on the tools page. It’s got your membership number included!

If you have any problems regarding ExposeYourBlog! or suggestions, please feel free to contact me ‘Anji’ or Don, ‘Admin’ through the EYB! forums or via a PM, or you can leave a comment here.  We’d love to hear from you.


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