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ExposeYourBlog!: About comments

I think that I can safely say that Don, Touwe and I are very proud of ExposeYourBlog! We’re very keen to grow the membership in order to get member’s blogs seen by a wider and wider audience. One of the ways in which I do this is by leaving a link to EYB! whenever I leave a comment. This means that other commenters see the link and hopefully check us out. I also do this when I see other blogs I come across elsewhere, especially if I think they might be interested in ExposeYourBlog!. I don’t really consider this as spamming, perhaps it is. I’ve noticed that sometimes comments I’ve made that have been held in moderation never get published. I’d like to apologise if my leaving a link causes offense. My intentions are sincere.

If you have a Blogger blog the best format for comments is the pop up one. This is the only pop up we allow on EYB!. Unfortunately the other comment formats either break frames or leave the viewer looking at a blank page. Aha! That explains why you weren’t getting many comments from EYB! Members.

I’ve made a thread in the forum about how to change your comment format, if you need it.


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