I’ve always been a dreamer.  It’s taken me until this year to realise that the people rattling around in my head could work for me.


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  1. Bibomedia: thanks, I always wondered where I could get images from!

  2. Hi Anjiknut, thanks for visiting Kitchen Retro! I like the idea of using the blog form for writing serial fiction.

  3. Lidian: Sorry it’s taken me so long to realise there were comments in the about section. thanks!

    Simpleyesa: I see you are doing something similar. Blogging is a great way to find out what people think of your writing.

  4. Thanks for the comment!
    I’m a dreamer too, and hopefully the dreams can one day become reality 😀

  5. Joshuawu: I think that your dream to create beautiful music is already coming true!

  6. thanks, that means a lot to me :]
    I’ll do my best!

  7. Graham

    Hi Anji, we meet in so many places.
    Yes, one of the 2 new girls (Sue) is the one who impressed me so much initially. Over the last couple of years I’ve found it quite sad and have despaired at how many obviously bright kids there are who seem to have had the initiative and spark knocked out of them by the education system. This one’s different. Maybe things are looking up!

    Looking at your ExposeYourBlog stuff here, I must read and absorb, then decide. I don’t do technical very well.
    All best wishes,
    Graham x

  8. Graham: thanks for visiting. The fiction bit has been taken over by other things as you see. If you have any problems with EYB! we have an excellent team (including me) who offer swift assistance. I’ve had to learn a lot since we set it up as I’m Chief forum administrator. The owner Don has endless patience and is very good at instructions.

    I’m pleased that you haven’t been disappointed by Sue. Both of my sons had difficulty fitting in with the education system here – it doesn’t surprise me that the stuffing gets knocked out of so many of them.

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  10. Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog! Thanks for the lovely comment, too. Happy New Year!

    I’m also a dreamer. 🙂

  11. The reason you come: Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment – see you soon.

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