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Laura : All’s well that ends well…

It seems that Charlie went to see Carolynne in a real temper – at last the penny had dropped and he realised what was going on. He told her to get lost and then went on a drinking binge. He spent the night in his car because he was too drunk to drive home. Angie didn’t sleep that night needless to say. He eventually got home, they made up ‘and the rest is history’, as they say…

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Laura: Long Night

His first stop was to see me and Dan. I’d kept my promise to Angie so Dan hadn’t got a clue what Charlie was so upset about. Angie didn’t know (she will when she reads this) how rude Charlie was to me – he called me a scheming witch (me – the witch?) amongst other things. I told him in no uncertain terms to wake up if he didn’t want to lose Angie. I made certain that he listened to my version of the story. I could see that Dan was trying to control his temper while Charlie and I were shouting at each other. Dan added his thoughts on Carolynne just so Charlie knew which camp we were both in. Charlie went off in a huff, driving much to fast.

I managed to put Dan off while I phoned Angie to make sure she was okay. She told me she’d be alright. Then it was our turn to have a few cross words but it didn’t last for long. Dan does appreciate my loyalty to my friends. We didn’t sleep too well that night wondering what was going on. We had to wait 24 hours before the love birds had time to let us know what happened next.


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Laura: Careful what you write

Those notes that Angie made were to be the beginning of the end of Carolynne – thank goodness, but it was a stony ride for Charlie and Angie. Angie wrote everything down she thought would be useful to help her understand the situation better. Charlie never ever asked her for notepaper when he was on the phone. Except for the day when she’d written something she didn’t want him to see. She just said ‘it’s in the drawer – help yourself’ before she realised what she was doing; the result was a huge row and Charlie slammed his way out of the house.


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Laura: Difficult lunch

If the weather was bad we would eat our weekly lunch together at a diner where we knew we could get a good salad. We grabbed our favourite table and had excellent service from one of Charlie’s students who worked there at the time. Angie updated me on Carolynne’s latest tricks and we decided to change the subject and enjoy our lunch together. 20.07.07

Suddenly Angie turned really pale, we’d chosen the same salad, so I knew it wasn’t food poisoning. She motioned to me to listen to what the people behind her were saying. They couldn’t see us and we couldn’t see them because of the plants arranged between the tables.

I hadn’t met Carolynne but I worked out that it was she who was speaking. She was saying the most dreadful things about Angie and Charlie. It was awful. Then the waitress (Charlie’s student) came over to see if we wanted dessert, she could see that something was very wrong and stood by us listening with horror. I decided that the best course of action was to remove Angie as quickly as possible. The waitress showed us out of the back of the diner. Angie asked her not to talk about what she’d heard but I’m afraid it fell on deaf ears. When Angie had calmed down we put our heads together and decided that she should write down what she had heard which was later to prove a big mistake.

Before we parted company she made me promise not to speak to Dan about what had happened; I agreed and I kept my promise! But it was not easy…


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Laura: The Wicked Witch of the West

All fairy stories need a witch and it wasn’t too long before one turned up. I think it was just after we’d all spent the weekend at Charlie’s family cabin that the letter arrived. The Wicked Witch of the West was coming to town!

I didn’t believe how horrible she could be at first. I thought that Angie was having a touch of the green eyed monster. Carolynne (WWW) had decided that Angie was the worst kind of dumb blonde. The situation wasn’t helped as Angie was helping me with a project at the library for the kids during the summer holidays (later abandoned), so was studying a pile of children’s books at the time. Carolynne wanted Charlie to move so that he could join the project she was working on; later we discovered that she intended to take the credit for his ideas. Angie also discovered Carolynne downloading some of Charlie’s work. Then came the fateful lunch….


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Laura: They settle down

Charlie moved in with Angie over the weeks that followed. She really needed looking after by the three of us. After her success at the hotel she decided to fill in another of her evenings by playing at a local bar. We did warn her, she thought Charlie was being possessive and I was a prude. To cut a long story short she couldn’t sing because of the cigarette smoke, someone peed up the side of her car and the place was full of men being – well – men!


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Laura: At last!

Then the bad penny turned up again; Angie got her self a job on Monday evenings playing the piano at a smart hotel in town. She wasn’t going to sing at first but her talent shone through. Busy body that I am I dragged Dan and Charlie along to listen too her on her second week and we all agreed that she had settled in really well.

The third week she was there she really needed help from Charlie. That obnoxious date she had a few weeks before, turned up outside the hotel and followed her home. Fortunately she locked herself in the garage but the door through to the house was bolted from the other side. As it happened she’d given her spare keys to Bill, Charlie’s dad, to look after in case of emergency. I swear this was not one of my spells, though it would have been a good one.

Sir Charlie came to the rescue, in his battered old car but never mind. He chased off the baddie – who was bigger than him – and rescued the Lady Angela with a golden key. No prizes for guessing what happened next. At last!

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