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ExposeYourBlog!: Blogger comments

This is lifted from a post I made on the EYB! forum in the Blogger thread:

You really do need the pop-up window format
It seems that any other form of comments on Blogger breaks frames. To change; from the dashboard choose the ‘Settings’ tab then click on ‘Comments’. Go to ‘Comment Form placement’ and check ‘Pop-up Window’. Don’t forget to save the changes.


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ExposeYourBlog !: Happy Birthday !

I’m a couple of days late, I know. This time last year we were waiting with bated breath to see if anyone would join us. Everything was new, but on the whole it worked. The owner of ExposeYourBlog!, Don, put in a lot of hours to get everything running smoothly.
To all of our members; wish yourself a Happy First Birthday too. One day you’ll be able to say “yes, EYB!, I was in there at the start”. Thank you for being there.
Hopefully this week I’ll be getting a new laptop – all for me! I’ll be able to put all of the internet connection problems, the slowness of a clockwork computer and Rob’s laptop with missing letters behind me. I’ll be able to update my other blogs and be more present on EYB! too.


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ExposeYourBlog !: To see and be seen

I hope that you’re all enjoying Easter. Don’t forget to continue surfing, it helps your blog to be seen more too. As Don mentioned in his email, we’ve put the blogs we paused with posts over a month old back into rotation. This is a great opportunity for newer members to see a few more blogs. Also, I discovered, a pleasant way to renew contact with some of the blogs I enjoyed over the past few months and had forgotten as they slipped out of view.

We really do have a mixture of blogs covering a large range of subjects at EYB!. So don’t forget to pop in and have a look.


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ExposeYourBlog ! : How to get extra credits

Every Saturday for the time being, Don, I and other members of the EYB team will be checking every single blog and if we find a link to EYB! on your blog we’ll be awarding you with 25 credits. Links and banners can be found on the tools page, click on ‘My Downline’. These links contain a reference number so that we know where referrals come from. If someone joins up because they clicked on your link or banner you earn a percentage of the credits that they earn.

We all have days when we can’t think of anything to write about. With Halloween coming up I thought that it would be a great idea to post about how you celebrate Halloween where you come from. It’s always interesting to know how things are done in other countries and cultures. I’ve posted about this in the forums. Look for the Halloween thread in the ‘It’s a Small World’ Forum. Leave the link to your post – another way to get more visitors to your blog.

Do you read your emails? Don sends out newsletters from time to time with an update on progress and details of what’s happening at EYB! . Make sure that you have EYB! on your whitelist;  you don’t want to miss out on any surprises that might be to your advantage.

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