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ExposeYourBlog!: Did you see my newsletter?

It was sent out on 16th November.  Just in case you didn’t get round to reading it, or it found it’s way to your spam box, here it is again:

Firstly, I would like to welcome all new members to EYB! Surfing has been good so far this week. I hope that your blog is benefitting from visits, do not forget you need credits to have visitors and to get credits you need to surf (unless you are a paying member) 35 a day seems to be the magic number of surfs to keep things ticking over nicely. Of course, you can stay as long as you like!

Now that the usual stuff is out of the way I would like to talk a little about some of the blogs on EYB!. There are blogs to suit all tastes from all over the world. I find other cultures fascinating, so I enjoy reading what everyone has to say about their lives. I like to learn new things too. Have you ever wondered what all of those credits mean at the end of a film? Next time you are surfing and come across blog, scroll down to “Why are film sets so crowded?” and you will find out. They also have some excellent videos, they know the business well, so you will not be disappointed with their choice. I am not going to put a link to their blog in this email. He, he, you will have to surf to see it 😉

Along these lines, I set up a thread in the General Chatter part of the forum where you can talk about the interesting blogs you found while surfing, look for “Blogs that have surprised me”. Perhaps if you post something of interest there I will mention your blog (with a link) and the blog you particularly liked in a future email.

As always, Don, touwe and I are happy to hear from you. What would you like to see in EYB!? How can we improve the site? How can we increase membership numbers? You can give us feedback in the forum or send in a support ticket or even email us or…..
Not bad for a first go? What do you think?



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ExposeYourBlog!: New thread in the Forum

I’ve just started a new thread in the the General Chatter section in the forum, ‘Blogs that have surprised me’. Tell us about interesting blogs that you’ve come across on EYB!.
To start the ball rolling I’ve already written about a blog that I found surprisingly interesting to read. If you want to know which one it was… look in the forum!


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