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Exposeyourblog!: Three weeks already

We now have our own radio station, RadioEYB, so far I’ve heard a pretty good variety of music. There is a place on the forum for requests or you can use the chat box to ask our very own DJ Devin for information. Perhaps you have ideas or suggestions about how it should be run.   Let us know.

Membership is growing steadily. What we really need is for everyone to spread the information to their friends, who spread it to their friends and so on; It’s what’s known as viral – in the positive sense of the word (I don’t want to cause a panic).

There have been one or two small hiccups but I think that EYB is improving everyday. Thank you to all members of EYB for their patience and helpful input.



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ExposeYourBlog!: One week old

1 week in at ExposeYourBlog! and slowly but surely the little problems are being ironed out. There are now coloured boxes to click on when surfing which I’m sure most will agree is much better than typing in a string of hard to read letters.

As far as I’m concerned the forums are well behaved and running smoothly. I haven’t had to do anything yet in my role of Chief Forum Administrator, although I did manage to accidentally delete a post. The forums are well worth a look at, if you have a problem, chances are that someone else has posted about it.

Next time I post here it will probably be the continuation of Charlotte’s story…


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ExposeYourBlog! : Progress

The launch has gone very well and we’ve had a steady trickle of real blogs (quality is better than quantity). What has been really great is the feedback we’ve been having as regards helpful ideas. Please spread the word, the more members we have the better the surfing.

Don’t forget to pop by and check out ExposeYourBlog!


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